» A Beginner’s Guide to the Debt Ceiling Debate – Big Government

» A Beginner’s Guide to the Debt Ceiling Debate – Big Government.

It’s our money they’re spending, we should have a say!!

Hey! I know what we should do.  Let’s just keep kicking the debt can down the road.  This article is really good.  Democrats and Republicans have been kicking this can for so long, we, the American people have to make them finally be accountable.  It’s our money they’re using like free money to pay for all their entitlements and earmarks.  Any tax increases put in won’t only effect millionaires and billionaires, it will effect us too.  And all the millionaires and billionaires won’t be able to create jobs and will just hide their money while we pay the difference.  The rich already pay most of the tax burden for America because 47% of middle class Americans pay no income tax.  I don’t know about you, but I only have so much money to go to entitlements and earmarks.  It’s our money their spending, so we should have a say.  Have your say people.

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