Moonbattery » British Social Workers Confiscate Children

Moonbattery » British Social Workers Confiscate Children



What’s scary about this story is that I know people who would think this is okay.  I know people here in America who think the government should interfere in the rights of parents if their children don’t meet some requirement or another.  Who decides what this arbitrary requirement should be?  People may make bad choices, but unless they break the law, no one has the right to take children from their parents because they don’t meet these expectations.

It’s sad to me that there are people who believe the government has a right to interfere in our personal lives.  My word!  When will they try to tell us what books our children are allowed to read and what majors they should have in college?

We are keepers of our own destiny and NO government has the right to interfere in the family unit.  I know there are REAL situations where children should be taken for their own safety, but when the government starts deciding willy nilly what these are, they have overstepped.

I’m a mom and I’m certainly not perfect.  I have tried to raise my boys to be respectful, kind, charitable and well educated.  I’ve made mistakes along the way, but we all learn from them together as a family.  I have a right to teach my children my beliefs and as they grow and learn, they can find their own beliefs.  My job is to make sure they know they always have someone who will love them, no matter what choices they make.  No government has a right to interfere in that bond, regardless of the fact they may think they know better.

I believe this is just the government’s next step in trying to destroy the family unit.  First Britain and then America.  This article is right about the loss of freedom the brits have now.  First they attack the churches and now the family.  Where’s the freedom?

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