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Three Years Under Obama

Please, please watch this video from Pajamas Media.  It’s been around for a couple of weeks, but I hadn’t had time to watch it until now.  Wow!  Bill Whittle explains things in a way that is completely understandable about what’s happened to our country the last three years under Obama.  I’m sure I couldn’t explain it this well, so I’ve decided it’s my job to find people who can.  Bill Whittle is certainly one of them.

Please watch this video.

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In his last Afterburner of 2011, Bill Whittle takes a look at the state of this country three years into Obama’s rule and has amassed a list of breathtaking failures bound to stun and/or depress champions of smaller government. Solyndra, Fast & Furious, the Keystone Pipeline and the deficit are just a handful of the scandals that make Bill’s blood boil. So what do we need to do in 2012 to counteract Obama’s policies? Take a look.

Here it is:

» Still No Justice For Brian Terry – Big Government

» Still No Justice For Brian Terry – Big Government

Why isn’t our country more outraged by this murder? The gun used in this murder was put in the killer’s hands as a direct result of our government’s actions. We must stand for this American hero. If the media won’t report about the reason for the death of Brian Terry, then we must speak for him and his family. The administration is too busy covering their butts to even bother with the atrocity they had a hand in committing.  We need to ask questions until there are answers for the Terry family.

I’m posting the video and some pictures from this article and I urge you to read about Brian Terry here.

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