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2012 WTF #15 – Military Healthcare to Sky Rocket!

2012 WTF #15 – President Obama decides to screw over military enlisted personnel over civilian workers – did you hear that the Obama administration’s proposed defense budget calls for military families and retirees to pay sharply more for their healthcare, while leaving unionized civilian defense workers’ benefits untouched.

The proposed increases in health care payments by service members, which must be approved by Congress, are part of the Pentagon’s $487 billion cut in spending. The plan calls for increases between 30 percent to 78 percent in Tricare annual premiums for the first year,
after that, the plan will impose five-year increases ranging from 94 percent to 345 percent—more than 3 times current levels.

Administration officials told Congress that one goal of the increased fees is to force military retirees to reduce their involvement in Tricare and eventually opt out of the program in favor of alternatives established by the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

The changes are worrying some in the Pentagon who fear it will severely impact efforts to recruit and maintain a high-quality all-volunteer military force. Such benefits have been a key tool for recruiting qualified people and keeping them in uniform.

Do Today’s Gas Prices Make You Feel Like the Economy is Improving?

(AP Photo)

Does anyone else remember when everyone, including me, was complaining about the price of gas under President Bush?  Well, why are the only complaints we hear now coming from people like me?  There’s nothing from the media except excuses trying to take responsibility away from President Obama.  Even Obama was complaining back in 2008 when he was senator, blaming Bush and the big oil companies.  He’s now blaming speculators for the high prices the same way he blamed them in the 2008 presidential campaign.

According to the Washington Times he claimed that:

As president he would strengthen government oversight of energy traders he blames in large part for the skyrocketing price of oil.

The Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign singled out the so-called “Enron loophole” for allowing speculators to run up the cost of fuel by operating outside federal regulation.

Has he done anything about the speculators that he blamed then and is blaming now?

They tell us we can handle higher gas prices because the economy is better.  Do you feel like the economy is better?  Does it seem better at the grocery store?  Do you feel improvement when you buy clothes for your kids?  Did any of your friends lose their jobs?  What about when you go to get gas?  Do you feel the improving economy then?  Did you know that a station in Orlando, Fla., was charging $5.79 per gallon for regular unleaded?

I’ve always felt that gas prices reflect what’s happening in our economy and in our country.  I remember the gas lines in the late 1970’s. You could only fill up on certain days, depending on if your license plate ended in an odd or even number.  I turned 18 at that time and even I could see the state of the economy because of the state of the gas lines.  People were cranky and felt the pain right in their wallets.   When gas prices got high under George W. Bush there was crankiness too.

President Carter was in an election year and as I remember Ronald Reagan won every state except Georgia.  Republicans aren’t licking their chops, as the president suggested when he mentioned during a speech in Florida Thursday that he read a headline in one newspaper that “Republicans are Licking Their Chops” over rising gas prices.  “Only in politics,” he added, “do people root for bad news.”

He goes on to mention that the American people are smart enough not to fall for Republicans bumper sticker slogan (You know: “Drill, baby, drill!”)

I don’t know any people who are ‘licking their chops’ about high gas prices.  Oh, I’m sure politicians will take advantage of it and although they may not wish for bad things to happen to the American people, why shouldn’t they use the utter incompetence of the current administration to help them during this election.  If the Republicans feel the reason for the problems in the country are because of President Obama’s poor leadership, why shouldn’t they use it to their advantage.  Senator Obama sure had no problem doing the same when he was running for president.  They all need to remember that the president was right about one thing.  The American people are smart.

Now as far as gas prices and the economy, an AP story printed in The Naples News says that:

Those higher prices could hurt consumer spending and unravel some of the recent improvements in the economy. And they could also be a daily reminder to voters to question Obama’s contention that he’s making the nation — and them — more secure.

While motorists are already starting to complain, many economists see the $4-a-gallon mark as a breaking point above which the economy starts to suffer real pain. Analysts estimate that every one-cent increase is roughly a $1.4 billon drain on the economy.

I’m pretty sure it will be a drain on my economy.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the rise in gas prices will result in consumers spending more on gas and less on other things.  “You re-evaluate your life when you’re at the pump,” Anna Dieuveil, 26, of Orlando, told the Orlando Sentinel.  She said she expects to spend less money on going out to eat as she spends more money on gasoline.

According to the Huffington Post:

As any driver knows, rising gas prices can put a dent in a household budget. For small business owners, it can hurt – or even wipe out – profits.

The recent rise in the price of gas is pressuring business owners to find ways to protect their earnings. Some of their strategies are simple, such as using GPS devices to track fuel usage. Others are drastic – like moving manufacturing operations to the U.S. from Asia.

Small business owners have navigated this road before – most recently in 2008 when the price of gas rose to a national average of $4.11 a gallon. But gas is expected to surpass that record and reach $4.25 by late April. And even if the price follows its usual pattern of gradually falling back from a high reached in the spring, it will still be expensive for the rest of the year.

Look, I get the argument about green energy and alternative fuels and I don’t want to get into the same details I got into with my son tonight about the same thing.  I just want to afford gas for my car.  I can’t afford to buy a hybrid or an electric car, no matter how much the government offers me in subsidies.  I see what’s happening in the Middle East and I want us to be oil independent.  I want to drill here and when we’re not afraid of where our oil is coming from and we can afford the cost of gas, groceries and the things that matter, then we can concentrate on finding a better way.

I don’t care about my carbon footprint.  I don’t really care what humans (might) be doing to the planet.  What I care about is just being able to take care of my family.  I want my kids to have the things they need.  I want to be able to afford to send them to college.  I want to look forward to a future where I can afford to drive to wherever my grand kids are and spoil them like crazy.

Remember, high gas prices make us cranky.  They’ve always made us cranky when they get higher and higher, especially when we’re paying more for food and clothing.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to vote for someone who gets it and isn’t so dead set on his own plan that isn’t really helpful for us now anyway.  We can’t wait more than a decade for relief.

Bible Burning vs Koran Burning

Hmmm – Do you remember how many people were attacked in retaliation when Iran burned 6,500 Bibles last august? Oh yea, none! Nobody killed, nobody attacked… nothing!

How about the “Thank You’s” from the Muslim community when the U.S. military voluntarily destroyed hundreds of bibles that had been printed in the two most common Afghan languages and sent to the Bagram Air Base unsolicited with notes to distribute them to the locals? None that I can find, but it does look like the army got accused of doing it to cover up their own attempts to convert locals.

And it looks like when people burn the Torah, the Jewish community simply condemns the act, without the need for violent reaction.

But the US military burning a couple of Koran books that were “removed from a detainee center’s library because they had ‘extremist inscriptions’ on them and there was ‘an appearance that these documents were being used to facilitate extremist communications” leads to the death of 2 soldiers and 4 civilian, plus injuries to more than 50 people during 5 days of rioting. Is it just me, or does this seems like some severe over-reacting by people who do not seem capable of handling these types of things like adults?


Iran Burning Bibles
US Burning Bibles in Afghan Language
Torah Burning
Deaths in Retaliation for Burning the Koran

Tim Geithner says The Rich Need to Pay Higher Taxes for the Privilege of Being an American

Wow!  Is this guy nuts, or what?  Listen for yourself.  I know this guy is smart,  but quit the scare tactics already.  We can make cuts to things other than old people and whatever other crazy thing he said.  I’m sick, sick, sick of the Obama administration claiming that Conservatives and Republicans just want to cut things for seniors and national security.  I can think of plenty of things to cut before I even touch anything else and I would sure reform entitlements.  Come on, get a clue.  How can people believe this dreck?

Listen for yourself:

» Obama Nation: Change You Can Do Without – Big Government

» Obama Nation: Change You Can Do Without – Big Government

» Imagine a Moratorium on Gun Control in 2012 – Big Government

» Imagine a Moratorium on Gun Control in 2012 – Big Government

Interesting.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I read this article, but it’s interesting and logical.  I’d at least like to give it a try.  I would rather be able to protect myself and my family than have the police arrive only to try to solve the crime after the fact.

via Big Government:

What would happen if the United States enjoyed a moratorium on restrictions on equipment for rifles, a moratorium on the enforcement of types of guns, acoustic suppressors, length of a rifle, magazine capacity or where and when one can concealed carry? What would change?

The greatest fear of gun control is personal independence of the citizen, where the silliness of large bureaucracies is self-evident. Since America’s first gun control measures, public servants have been able to plumb the depths of the electorate’s tolerance for political nonsense and find a rather broad tolerance for the earliest appearance of impropriety and corruption. Once servants learned that the electorate will delegate to them the illusion of protecting our personal safety, they believed and acted upon the practice of getting the people to delegate them anything. Officials haven’t stopped since.

What would happen if Americans could stop violent acts on their authority instead of being restrained from acting in emergency? What would happen if more Americans – by the millions – became increasingly aware of their legal authority to act in refusing to be a victim?

Seriously, what would happen? What would happen if more citizens refused to be a victim of crime and system both?

Read the rest of this article at Big Government.

» A Budget Proposal Endorsed by Jesus Christ…Or Robin Hood? – Big Government

» A Budget Proposal Endorsed by Jesus Christ…Or Robin Hood? – Big Government

via Big Government:

Taking a break from His busy schedule as the world’s savior and redeemer, Jesus Christ found time two weeks ago to immerse himself in United States Presidential politics, endorsing Obama’s tax plan on wealthy earners. Or at least the President believes he did. At the National Prayer Breakfast, he invoked the Christian savior in order to sell his tax reform plan to a more religious audience, saying, “For me as a Christian, it also coincides with Jesus’ teaching that for unto whom much is given, much shall be required.”

Taking a break from His busy schedule as the world’s savior and redeemer, Jesus Christ found time two weeks ago to immerse himself in United States Presidential politics, endorsing Obama’s tax plan on wealthy earners. Or at least the President believes he did. At the National Prayer Breakfast, he invoked the Christian savior in order to sell his tax reform plan to a more religious audience, saying, “For me as a Christian, it also coincides with Jesus’ teaching that for unto whom much is given, much shall be required.”

See the entire article at  Big Government .

Yes, Rachel Maddow, Scott Walker Balanced Wisconsin Budget Without Raising Taxes |

Yes, Rachel Maddow, Scott Walker Balanced Wisconsin Budget Without Raising Taxes |

More pronouncements of so-called truth from Rachel Maddow.  Does anyone check her facts, or do they just make them up as they go along?  Does she actually understand how state budgets work, or does she just go with the Union’s talking points?  They’re determined to run him out of office just because he wants to govern differently than they would demand.  

Let’s see if what he’s doing works first, or is that too much for Progressives like Maddow to understand?  Plus I just can’t stand her grating tone when she makes her pronouncements, or when she just talks. 

I think what’s most irritating is her complete confidence that she is always right and she knows more than the rest of the little people.

via NewsBusters:

Liberals love to harp on what they perceive as Republican failure. What they truly loathe is Republican success.
A fine example of this predictable dynamic can be seen in MSNBC’s febrile coverage of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and his efforts to turn around the Badger State’s disastrous finances. 

Although I truly can’t stand the sound of her voice or the tenor of her show, here’s what she said Wednesday night.

via NewsBusters:

Turns out, Maddow’s “obsessive” devotion to accuracy has lapsed yet again. That $143 million shortfall is projected for the end of fiscal 2013; Wisconsin runs on two-year budget cycles. But this doesn’t keep the state from tracking where its finances stand at any given time and — you guessed it — Wisconsin currently boasts a surplus.

Google Tracked iPhones, Bypassing Apple Browser Privacy Settings –

Google Tracked iPhones, Bypassing Apple Browser Privacy Settings –

This article is in the WSJ today and all I have to say is that it’s not too shocking.  I’m pretty sure many of us saw this coming.  Google is just getting too much power these days.  There’s just no way to get away from them if you use the internet at all.  I don’t even want to think about what could be next. I wonder if this has anything to do with Google’s new privacy policy?

via WSJ:


Google Inc. and other advertising companies have been bypassing the privacy settings of millions of people using Apple Inc.’s Web browser on their iPhones and computers—tracking the Web-browsing habits of people who intended for that kind of monitoring to be blocked.

The companies used special computer code that tricks Apple’s Safari Web-browsing software into letting them monitor many users. Safari, the most widely used browser on mobile devices, is designed to block such tracking by default.

Google disabled its code after being contacted by The Wall Street Journal.

The Google code was spotted by Stanford researcher Jonathan Mayer and independently confirmed by a technical adviser to the Journal, Ashkan Soltani, who found that ads on 22 of the top 100 websites installed the Google tracking code on a test computer, and ads on 23 sites installed it on an iPhone browser.

The technique reaches far beyond those websites, however, because once the coding was activated, it could enable Google tracking across the vast majority of websites. Three other online-ad companies were found using similar techniques: Vibrant Media Inc., WPP PLC’s Media Innovation Group LLC and Gannett Co.’s PointRoll Inc.

See the rest of this article at WSJ online.  It’s definitely worth a read.  Just so you know.

The Church of Obama – Mark Steyn – National Review Online

The Church of Obama – Mark Steyn – National Review Online

All I can say is boy I love, love, love the idea of politicians telling me what it’s okay to believe. I mean wow! If only the founding fathers hadn’t worked so hard at breaking us away from that pesky king.

I saw a link for a great article about this on Facebook (h/t Denise) and I had to share it with others.  Mark Steyn’s comparison to The Church of England is great. (highlights are mine)

[…]The church model the young American state wished to separate from was that of the British monarch, who remains to this day supreme governor of the Church of England. This convenient arrangement dates from the 1534 Act of Supremacy. The title of the law gives you the general upshot, but, just in case you’re a bit slow on the uptake, the text proclaims “the King’s Majesty justly and rightfully is and ought to be the supreme head of the Church of England.” That’s to say, the sovereign is “the only supreme head on earth of the Church” and he shall enjoy “all honors, dignities, pre-eminences, jurisdictions, privileges, authorities, immunities, profits, and commodities to the said dignity,” not to mention His Majesty “shall have full power and authority from time to time to visit, repress, redress, record, order, correct, restrain, and amend all such errors, heresies, abuses, offenses, contempts, and enormities, whatsoever they be.”

Welcome to Obamacare.

The president of the United States has decided to go Henry VIII on the Church’s medieval ass. Whatever religious institutions might profess to believe in the matter of “women’s health,” their pre-eminences, jurisdictions, privileges, authorities, and immunities are now subordinate to a one-and-only supreme head on earth determined to repress, redress, restrain, and amend their heresies. One wouldn’t wish to overextend the analogy: For one thing, the Catholic Church in America has been pathetically accommodating of Beltway bigwigs’ ravenous appetite for marital annulments in a way that Pope Clement VII was disinclined to be vis-à-vis the English king and Catherine of Aragon. But where’d all the pandering get them? In essence President Obama has embarked on the same usurpation of church authority as Henry VIII: As his Friday morning faux-compromise confirms, the continued existence of a “faith-based institution” depends on submission to the doctrinal supremacy of the state.

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