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College Station, Texas Cancels ICLEI / Agenda 21 Membership

agenda 21College Station, Texas Cancels ICLEI / Agenda 21 Membership

Way to go Texas!!  We all need to follow their example.  Find a way to help in your state or community on a local level.

February 29, 2012:

A little over a month ago the City Manager’s Office determined that it was best for us to not renew our membership with ICLEI when that membership came due later this spring.

As of today, I have sent a letter notifying ICLEI that the City of College Station will not be renewing its membership nor taking part in its programs in 2012 and beyond. Furthermore, I asked that ICLEI immediately cancel our membership (if it is even still active), and remove the City of College Station and its officers from any and all ICLEI rosters, publications, and websites.

Read this story here.

Agenda 21 For Dummies

This video speaks for itself. Tell me what you think.

What is Agenda 21?

(If this seems like too much for you, after you watch the videos go back down the blog to the videos of people singing.  Ahhh…relaxing!)

I’ve heard about Agenda 21 for a while now, but I didn’t know what it was. I was pretty sure by the bits I had read and heard about it that it wasn’t good, but I was afraid to read more. I have enough problems sleeping already. I just didn’t want one more thing to worry about, especially one I didn’t know how to change. I’m just starting to stand up about the things I already know about. I was sure I couldn’t do anything about this.

Well, I changed my mind. I decided the least I could do was watch this video and then make sure I tell as many people as possible. Please watch this video and wake up to what’s happening in our country to slowly erode our rights and freedoms.

I’ve tried as much as possible to stay away from sites that might be considered conspiracy sites, but with Agenda 21 it all sounds like one big conspiracy theory. Study it for yourself. I’m sure if you think about it and look around your city and local community you will see where this is happening where you live. Stand up! Get involved! Do something! Make your voice heard a community meetings and town halls. Show up and be heard. Don’t let them fool you with the pretty talk about Social Justice, Sustainability, or any of the other fluffy, lighthearted words they use to distract you. I have found some sites that will give you some helpful information. I got the following two, EXCELLENT, videos from Freedom Advocates. I found lots of helpful information there.

There are plenty of websites if you just google ‘Agenda 21’. I tried to stay away from any that seemed too crazy. The problem is that Agenda 21 does sound too crazy to be true, but it’s not.

This is wrong. Wrong for us and wrong for our country. Look around you. When the video mentions certain types of neighborhoods where you both live and work in the same building, I immediately thought of three different complexes of this type near me. They even look similar. Watch these two videos and please share them with your friends and co-workers. We need to wake up! After all, did we ever think there would be an actual socialist who surrounds himself with communists in the White House?

The first video is called “Agenda 21 – Part 1” and the second is called, “The Philosophy fo Liberty”. I found both videos extremely interesting and helpful. I was a little nervous about “The Philosophy of Liberty”, because the article mentions Ron Paul. So, let me just say while I don’t support Ron Paul politically and I think he’s a bit loony, he has many ideas I agree with. Apparently this is one of them. There is a website called The Philosophy of Liberty where you can get more information about this.

Now the videos:

1.    Uploaded by on Aug 22, 2011

Agenda 21 – PartOne–Introduction and Property Rights – How Agenda 21 affects or will affect every living human; and its three pronged offensive: Strip Property Rights, (mis)Education, and Depopulation.

2.  The philosophy of liberty is based on self-ownership. This simple but elegant and hard-hitting animation will explain exactly what that means. It’s a great tool anyone can use to educate children and adults about our right to life, liberty, and the property we create – and our responsibility to think, speak and act.
For more info and/or to download a free DVD version of this video, see:  http://www.philosophyofliberty.blogspot.com

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