911 Family Members Excluded from Official 10th Anniversary Ceremonies – Atlas Shrugs

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911 Family Members Excluded from Official 10th Anniversary Ceremonies – Atlas Shrugs.

Excluding first responders is bad enough, but to exclude some families is inexcusable.  Maybe they think they’ll say something bad (TELL THE TRUTH) about the murderous freaks that flew planes into buildings because of their religious beliefs.  Maybe because there are so many families who lost someone they love, Mayor Bloomberg is afraid people will realize how horrible what these evil terrorists did will make it impossible to turn the event into some politically correct “teaching moment” about how we need to love all Muslims.
Well, we don’t love the freaks who were given orders to kill nearly 3000 innocent people on American soil by another freak who spent ten years hiding from the justice he deserved.
The families know who’s responsible for the deaths of their loved ones and deserve to be at the official 10 year ceremony.
I guess just their existence doesn’t tell the story that Bloomberg and Obama want to tell.  The families tell the story of what radical Islam can do.   Just by being there they remind the country of what radical Islam still wants to do to America.

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