Trevor Loudons New Zeal Blog » Apocalypse Nowish

Trevor Loudons New Zeal Blog » Apocalypse Nowish

Every time I try to stop worrying, I see something like this.  At least I’m not the only one who sees what all the turmoil around the world is leading up to.  Even my husband thinks I’m crazy.  I just keep on trying to buy extra food every time I shop and extra things like soap and toilet paper.  I hope I never have to use it, but with two teenage boys, it will get used one way or the other.  I would rather believe I’ve fallen prey to a fear-monger, but I’ve been taught to store necessities since I was a small child.

I wish I didn’t see what’s happening in the financial market or what’s happening in Isreal.  My mom taught me the importance of Israel to our world when I was a teenager.  I heard someone from church once say that if there was World War III, it would start with turmoil in the Middle East.  I don’t know about you, but that’s all I see happening now.  I won’t succumb to the antisemitism of the world.  I was taught to stand up for God’s chosen land and people no matter what.  I won’t be like the people in Europe during WWII who were to afraid to stand up for the Jews.  I will not let the same thing happen here without doing my best to defend the Jews here and all over the world.

Just because we try to avoid the signs on the news and elsewhere doesn’t mean nothing is happening.  Ignoring it won’t make it go away.  Pretending it isn’t as bad as it seems won’t make it go away.  I believe we need to pray for Heavenly Father to intervene during these times, but I also believe we have to make our voices heard without fear.  We can no longer stand silent, hoping it will just solve itself.  We have to have faith in God and stand up without fear.  We are in his hands and that means we shouldn’t fear the opinions of men.  Stand up for what you believe and you will overcome your fear.

This is what I found on New Zeal Blog that set me off:

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton 


I can’t take it any more. Did someone order an apocalypse? I know there is always one bearing down on us somewhere, but come on! Have you read the headlines lately? By Friday of last week, I was ready for a major meltdown.

What the hell is wrong with us? Everything is upside down and backwards. Just the highlights:

1. Europe is melting down and about to fall into a black hole of debt which will draw us into the whirlpool right along with them. No one seems to really want to control their spending. It’s like the elite are paying all their crony friends, providing for themselves and knowingly bringing on the destruction of finances planet-wide. Screw the common man – they are taking the system for all it’s worth and then getting out before the implosion hits.

2. Our government — in secret — gave out 7.7 Trillion dollars worth of bailout money to banks – worldwide. Where the hell did they get it? I suspect, they just ‘digitized’ it and spread it around. It made NO difference, just forestalled the inevitable implosion. See #1 above. Say it with me: Weimar Republic.

Click here to read the whole story.

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