So Much News, So Little Time

I’m sorry I haven’t been doing as much on this blog as I have wanted to. Sometimes the news and things I find just make me too crazy to write and put something on my blog.

There’s just so much. I’m trying to put common sense things on my blog “LaMar’s Loud Daughter”. On “Leslie’s Loud Opinion” I try to find things that are more informative and things that let people see what’s not in the news. It’s usually something that makes me crazy, but there’s been so many insane, un-American things happening that I just can’t do them all in my blog. Please check out the blogs I have listed in my blog roll. Those websites are some of the best I’ve found.

I’ve also found something that really interests me in a big way. I have tried to research “Agenda 21”. I don’t want to become a conspiracy theorist, so I’m trying to find the legitimate sources and research this thoroughly. While looking at news stories on different blogs, I’ve begun to wonder how many of these things are happening because of “Agenda 21”. I’m working on a blog that will show all the links and all the other legitimate blogs I can find. “Agenda 21” is somehow involved in more things than we know. I’m going to post a story about an Idaho couple which gives an example of what I think is part of “Agenda 21”.

I hope to be back to regular blogging and finding things that make me crazy enough to let others know about them. It won’t be hard to find things, I just need to be more dedicated.

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