‘I Want You to See the Warning Signs’: Beck Outlines Italy’s Return to Fascism | Video | TheBlaze.com

‘I Want You to See the Warning Signs’: Beck Outlines Italy’s Return to Fascism | Video | TheBlaze.com

This show was awesome and very informative.  I really enjoyed it.  You should watch it for yourself.  Check out GBTV.

Posted on January 18, 2012 at 8:54am by Becket Adams

Earlier this week on GBTV, Glenn Beck delivered what he referred to as “some of the most important information” on the economy he has ever given. Naturally, he discussed the eurozone crisis and the global economy.

As noted earlier on The Blaze, the EU continues to creep closer to the edge of total financial meltdown; there are many warning signs and Beck addressed some of these.

During the GBTV program, Beck dissected the situation in Italy, including the installation of unelected technocrats, and explained how policies that have been put in place in the EU could be coming to America.

Think that’s over-the-top? Consider what‘s going on right now in the EU and compare that to what’s happening with MF Global.

“Italy is rapidly heading towards fascism,” Beck said. “Their brand of newly unelected technocratic government should be kind of a red flag — or a black flag as far as Italy is concerned.”

“I want you to see the warning signs here,” Beck continued, “We’re talking about a country that is famous for its laid-back, slow-moving lifestyle.  They don’t get things done overnight.”

Or do they?

“But that’s exactly what happened during four days this past November when the Prime Minster stepped down. He was abruptly replaced by unelected technocrats,” Beck said.

Don’t know what a technocrat is? See Glenn Beck explain via GBTV:

Click on following link to see the video:


Things do not look good right now. Indeed, the EU sounds downright dangerous. But the U.S. doesn’t need to worry about this, right?

Glenn Beck would disagree.

“The key to seeing what the future is [in the U.S.] is in MF Global,” Beck said. “MF Global, I believe, is just like everything else. If you understand what’s really is important in the MF Global story, you’ll be so far ahead, you’ll be able to protect yourself, your friends, your neighbors, your community.”

“But you need to understand the real story behind MF Global. It’s not about [Jon] Corzine, it’s not about any of this stuff. And when the average person figures it out, which they will eventually, there will be a run on the banks, the stock market, and the whole game will come undone,” Beck said.

But how would that work? How has it come to this?

As Beck says, “let’s dig in on the important stuff with MF Global” (via GBTV):

Click on the following link to see the video:


“Remember: MF Global physically stopped you — the little guy! — from being able to access your account into the safety deposit box. And what’s worse, is that MF Global’s role? That’s nothing. The banking authorities who handled the firm’s bankruptcy allowed this to happen. In fact, I believe [they] changed some of the rules to allow it to happen,” Beck said.

“If you don’t prepare yourself wisely,” Beck cautioned, “The best metals to invest in won’t be gold and silver. They will be brass and lead.”

Thanks to The Blaze.

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