2012 WTF #19 – OR Couple Wins $3,000,000 “Wrongful Birth” Suit

2012 WTF #19 – These people make me sick!  A couple in Portland, OR, was awarded almost $3 million in a “wrongful birth” lawsuit after their daughter was born with Down syndrome although a prenatal test didn’t show Down syndrome as a possibility.  I know we’ve become such a litigious society, but come on!  No test is perfect and to say you would have aborted it if you’d only known is sickening.

And the lawyer, in the same interview, saying don’t misunderstand they love this child, but they would have aborted her if they’d known and they are only suing because it’s too expensive to raise a special needs child and it’s the hospitals fault after all they are in this mess.

Did the hospital make a mistake?  Yep, it looks that way.  Do they deserve financial help raising the kid (beyond the normal help the government offers for children with special needs)?  Probably.  But is that an excuse for saying publicly that although they “love” this child they would have preferred to abort it?  No, not in my eyes.

I feel sooooo bad for this child.  There are sooooo many good homes in this world looking for children that would have happily taken and raised this little girl, but no, the parent decided to keep her and now feel it is too expensive to have her.  The saddest part to me is that at 4 this little girl doesn’t get it, but she’s got siblings and they all get to grow up now knowing that their parents would have gladly killed her had they only known!!! Despicable!!!





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