Yes, Rachel Maddow, Scott Walker Balanced Wisconsin Budget Without Raising Taxes |

Yes, Rachel Maddow, Scott Walker Balanced Wisconsin Budget Without Raising Taxes |

More pronouncements of so-called truth from Rachel Maddow.  Does anyone check her facts, or do they just make them up as they go along?  Does she actually understand how state budgets work, or does she just go with the Union’s talking points?  They’re determined to run him out of office just because he wants to govern differently than they would demand.  

Let’s see if what he’s doing works first, or is that too much for Progressives like Maddow to understand?  Plus I just can’t stand her grating tone when she makes her pronouncements, or when she just talks. 

I think what’s most irritating is her complete confidence that she is always right and she knows more than the rest of the little people.

via NewsBusters:

Liberals love to harp on what they perceive as Republican failure. What they truly loathe is Republican success.
A fine example of this predictable dynamic can be seen in MSNBC’s febrile coverage of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and his efforts to turn around the Badger State’s disastrous finances. 

Although I truly can’t stand the sound of her voice or the tenor of her show, here’s what she said Wednesday night.

via NewsBusters:

Turns out, Maddow’s “obsessive” devotion to accuracy has lapsed yet again. That $143 million shortfall is projected for the end of fiscal 2013; Wisconsin runs on two-year budget cycles. But this doesn’t keep the state from tracking where its finances stand at any given time and — you guessed it — Wisconsin currently boasts a surplus.

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