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Activist Saves Colorado From Massive Tax Hike

The American Spectator : The Spectacle Blog : Activist Saves Colorado From Massive Tax Hike

So why should we thank Matt Arnold who, after all, is not a judge or justice?

Because his nearly single-handed efforts to shine a spotlight on what was the most lawless, partisan state supreme court in the nation (yes, worse than California’s) had much to do with the resignation of two of the court’s worst justices.

Click here to read article.

The Baker’s Union Did What Michelle Obama Couldn’t

The end of an era…

So do you think that the “Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union” is regretting their unwillingness to follow the Teamsters Union’s directive of taking an 8% contract cut to save jobs?

In case you didn’t hear Hostess Brands (makers of Twinkies, Wonderbread, and so many other yummy treats), who filed bankruptcy earlier in the year and has been trying to find a way to stay in business, decided to close shop today for good after talks with the Baker’s union fell through and they decided to strike. Management decided that they couldn’t afford to continue the fight along with their other financial problems and so they announced today that they have decided to shut down all production nationwide and close up shop for good!!! 18,500 people are not out of work because the representatives for 5,000 of them weren’t willing to make the adjustments needed to keep people employed!

Now, in all honesty, if the Baker’s union had taken the same deal as the Teamsters Union, there is still a chance that Hostess Management would still not have been able to right the ship and the jobs may have been lost at some future point anyway, but we’ll never know if those jobs could have been saved or not now.

A quote in the article states that: “Unfortunately, the company’s operating and financial problems were so severe that it required steep concessions from a variety of stakeholders but not all stakeholders were willing to be constructive,” said Ken Hall, the Teamsters’ Secretary-Treasurer. “Teamster Hostess members, based on the facts and advice from respected restructuring advisers understood what was at stake and voted to protect all jobs at Hostess.”

The Baker’s Union says it isn’t their fault as Hostess was already having money problems, but if you know that and you decide you’re not willing to work with management to try and save jobs that are there and go on strike adding to the monetary issues during a time of crisis, aren’t you just as guilty for those job losses as the management is?


Well At Least We Get to Pay More for Food and Bail Out the Insurance Companies Too!!

By Kurt Sloan

OK, somebody PLEASE help me with this logic…

There is an article on CNBC today ( about the drought and it’s effect on corn farmers. 

According to the article corn farmers are better off with the drought because:

1.The U.S. Department of Agriculture said despite the drought, it predicts net farm income will rise 3.7 percent this year to over $122 billion, as high grain prices offset loss of production. (so because of the low yield of corn to sell they can sell at a higher price, so farmers will make out ok – but consumers get stuck with the higher costs.)


2.  Most grain and oil seed farmers have taxpayer subsidized crop insurance (yes, you read that right, TAX PAYER subsidized crop insurance) which will cover, on average, 70-80 percent of their loss of “average production.” And because of this, the article states that “some farmers will make more money this year having crop insurance than they would have if there was a normal yield because we planted so many corn acres”. (So if I understand that correctly some farmers planted extra crops in case of drought so when they lose those crops they can claim them as part of a total loss of expected income and insurance companies pay them for what they MIGHT HAVE SOLD if the crops had survived and then get money from the government to off-set what they had to pay out!!!)

So under option 1 the consumer gets screwed and under option 2 the tax payer gets screwed because they are forced to subsidize insurance companies that set up some deal with the government. So the Insurance Agencies (the article mentions: Endurance Specialty Holdings, American Financial Group and Ace Limited) collect the premiums, but then when they have to pay out on those claims, they come to the government and the U.S. Taxpayers cover a portion of their losses?!? WTF?!?!

With a national debt at around $16 Trillion, why the hell are we bailing out Insurance Companies, without even getting a say it in?

Some Farmers ‘Will Make More Money’ in Drought – US  Business News – CNBC

Once Again, President Obama Only Tells Part of the Story

I’ve been thinking about these comments a lot in the last few days, and I gotta say, I think I get where he’s coming from but I think he’s only partially correct in his line of thought, let me expand on that.

Where he has some valid points: If you built a successful business then you needed the people who worked for you, who supplied your materials, who taught you your skills and business sense, who delivered your product, who built the roads and electrical lines and sewers that supported your business. All of the pieces that are required to run a successful business rely on the input of others to make it happen. Here he is right.

Other valid points: Yes, many people work hard, and yes many people are smart… so why are there more financially successful business people like I believe he’s trying to put down in this comment?

Two sets of factors: ones we have no control over and ones we do…

Factors We Don’t Control: Luck and Natural Opportunity … There is no doubt that some successful people can trace back to one or more events in their lives when luck was in their favor or life presented them with an opportunity that they jumped at. But there lies the key… “that they jumped at”.

Have you ever had the chance to invest your money in something, but didn’t feel good about it so you didn’t and then it took off? I had the opportunity early in my life to invest in Blockbuster Video and thought “eh, it’s just another video store” – WHO KNEW?!? Which leads me to our “Factors we do Control”.

Controlled Factors: Willingness to Take a Risk, Drive (or Desire if you will) and Gumption (Man-made Opportunity) – I submit here that you can look at the majority of financially successful people and look at their work ethics and you’ll see not just smarts and hard work, but also a drive to succeed, a desire to win, a willingness to take that risk to be successful (or fail miserably!) and the personal gumption to go out, knock on doors and create their own opportunities. Personal traits that should be REWARDED for those willing to take those risks and make their own opportunities.

I’m sorry President Obama, but once again we see you only looking at part of the picture and using that information to divide the populace further along classes.

You were supposed to be the president that could pull everyone together, but so much of what you do seems to be bent on alienation and partial facts.

It’s really sad if you stop to think about it.


Weasel Zippers » Blog Archive » Obama Justice Department Awards $400,000 In Grants To Group That Includes Former Weather Underground Radical Bernardine Dohrn…

Weasel Zippers » Blog Archive » Obama Justice Department Awards $400,000 In Grants To Group That Includes Former Weather Underground Radical Bernardine Dohrn…

I would say this is unbelievable, but is it really?  Why can’t people see what’s going on?  It’s so obvious.

Via National Review:

Bernardine Dohrn has a history with the Justice Department. More specifically, in the early 1970s, she was one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives because of her actions with the Weather Underground, a violent radical organization.

Times have changed. In 2010 and 2011, the Justice Department saw fit to give $400,000 in grants to an organization that lists Dohrn as a member of its board of directors: a $150,000 grant in September of 2010 and a $250,000 grant a year later.

Check out Weasel Zippers for more great stuff.  

I want you to do your own homework too.  Look at the groups getting grants, subsidies and other money from this administration.

The number of Americans on food stamps is higher than ever before.

My AFP-CO Experience With Denver “Occupy EPA”/”Give Red Tape a Rest” Rally

EPA regulations = TOTAL RED TAPE! EPA has had negative impacts on miners, young college grads, farmers and businessmen! Enough is Enough!

Yesterday I attended my first protest rally.  It was called “Occupy the EPA”/“Give Red Tape a Rest” rally.  Going to a rally and holding a sign while calling out to passing cars is completely new to me, but totally worth it.  I’ve been reading and hearing more and more about the overreach of the EPA and how it is slowly finding more and more ways of gaining unlimited control over our way of life.  They have too much power with no oversight and that is one of the reasons I decided I had to join Americans for Prosperity-Colorado in protesting the Environmental Protection Agency-organized mining conference in Denver.  EPA officials were meeting here for a conference on hard-rock mining.

I have come to agree with AFP-CO which believes “the agency’s rogue regulators and biased scientists are destroying jobs, driving-up energy costs, crippling America’s competitiveness and contributing to the country’s economic crisis.”

According to AFP-CO:

Recent rules targeting coal-fired power plants are the latest in a long list of EPA regulatory excesses, according to AFP-CO, which will cost Coloradans jobs and contribute to already-skyrocketing energy costs. The agency relies on biased, agenda-driven “science” and “scientists” to bolster its actions, the group says, pointing to the shoddy work the agency did investigating alleged water well contamination in Pavillion, Wyoming — as well as the agency’s decision to provide a prime speaking spot at the April 4 conference to Boulder-based Stratus Consulting, a hired gun for extreme environmental groups that has been implicated in a scheme to use shady science to rig a favorable ruling in a lawsuit in South America.

Read more here…

About 50-75 people showed up for to protest the red tape the EPA is using to make it tougher for businesses to get approval they need to comply with the crazy regulations and guidelines they keep adding for the supposed purpose of protecting the environment.  We wanted people to know about how red tape and government overreach is restraining businesses to the cost of higher energy rates for everyone and the loss of jobs for many.  Most of the time lately, this comes at the expense of small businesses being unable to afford the cost of implementing procedures to meet EPA regulations.  Large businesses end up passing the cost onto the consumer which means the cost of gas, electricity, natural gas, etc. is passed on to people like you and I.  What’s worse is that these businesses have no recourse but to pay the money and comply or go out of business.

The reason for our protest had a more personal context to those of us here in Denver.  Colorado is a big mining state and we have great resources for hydraulic fracturing (fracking).

According to  from The Colorado Observer:

[…]The EPA is expected to issue new rules on fracking April 17, which critics fear will increase the regulatory burden on the natural-gas industry and drive up energy prices.

[…]The fracking rules come just weeks after the EPA proposed further limits on newly built coal-fire plants. Protestors said they worry that the Obama administration is trying to circumvent the coal industry in favor of natural gas and renewable energy.

Read her article about the protest here.

Lucky for me there are groups like AFP-Colorado that make it easy for people like me to get involved in making a difference.

At the main website for Americans for Prosperity it says“AFP is an organization of grassroots leaders who engage citizens in the name of limited government and free markets on the local, state, and federal levels. The grassroots activists of AFP advocate for public policies that champion the principles of entrepreneurship and fiscal and regulatory restraint.”

If you want to become more involved in standing up for limited government and getting back to the freedoms we’ve been used to as free American Citizens then check out Americans for Prosperity and click on your state to see what’s going on in your area.  It’s really helped me to feel as though I have a voice where I can go and participate in events that are done here in my state and city.  Check it out.  Find your voice!!

The Road We’ve Traveled

After hearing about President Obama’s documentary love letter to himself, which I couldn’t bring myself to watch all the way through, I’m bringing you another video that explains where we’ve really been.


Is Paul Krugman Intellectually Bankrupt? He Sure Thinks the Republicans Are.

Talk about intellectual bankruptcy.  Paul Krugman is intellectually and morally bankrupt.  Okay, I don’t know if he’s morally bankrupt, but I’ve never liked him in any of the interviews I’ve seen him in.  He sure has no leg to stand on by accusing anyone else of Intellectual Bankruptcy.  His partial facts and misleading comments are not honest to the conversation the nation needs to have.  The post by Steve Maley is so good and puts Mr. Krugman on notice that we won’t be fooled by strawman arguments and phony statistics.  I may not be the smartest person around, but I know crap when I see it flung around, and believe me Krugman flings crap.

Check out Steve Maley’s post at Red State:

As for the employment statistics, “lazy” and “inept” are two words that come to mind.Although he doesn’t cite a source, Dr. Krugman has apparently relied on the database of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Indeed, the industry subsector called “Oil and Gas Extraction: NAICS 211″, (part of the Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction sector) shows the gain in jobs he describes, from roughly 120,000 jobs in 2004 to about 190,000 now. And he apparently stopped there.

190,000 jobs? Doesn’t that seem kinda low for an industry that comprises 8% or so of the economy?

Read the rest of this article here…

That’s just part of an article that points out the glaring flaws in Paul Krugman’s op-ed “Natural Born Drillers“.  For someone who is supposed to be so smart, it’s pretty easy to find the flaws(big, glaring errors) in his logic.  He finds statistics that fit his meme.  In fact, after reading his op-ed, I see he never says where he got his statistics.  I’m sure he thinks no one will check up on him.  After all, he’s won the Nobel Prize for economics.  Obviously he knows more than all the Americans who are just living there lives.  We just manage to balance our budgets, choose common sense ways to handle our personal economics, run our homes and raise our children.  All without his Ivy League education or a Nobel Prize in economics for his brilliant mind.  We normal Americans manage to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

I don’t want to include a quote from Krugman’s op-ed, because I can’t find one paragraph that doesn’t make me want to scream.  I know he would think I’m just some uneducated housewife, incapable of understanding his staggering intellect.  I’m sure he would talk down to me the same way it seems he is talking down to and about Republicans.  What he doesn’t seem to understand is that Americans are not morons.  We understand more than he thinks we do, unfortunately for him.  We can see his obfuscating when he tries to explain anything to the “little” people.  He certainly does have his own opinion and he’s not afraid to express it.  You can check out his op-ed if you want to.  Just click here.


Do Today’s Gas Prices Make You Feel Like the Economy is Improving?

(AP Photo)

Does anyone else remember when everyone, including me, was complaining about the price of gas under President Bush?  Well, why are the only complaints we hear now coming from people like me?  There’s nothing from the media except excuses trying to take responsibility away from President Obama.  Even Obama was complaining back in 2008 when he was senator, blaming Bush and the big oil companies.  He’s now blaming speculators for the high prices the same way he blamed them in the 2008 presidential campaign.

According to the Washington Times he claimed that:

As president he would strengthen government oversight of energy traders he blames in large part for the skyrocketing price of oil.

The Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign singled out the so-called “Enron loophole” for allowing speculators to run up the cost of fuel by operating outside federal regulation.

Has he done anything about the speculators that he blamed then and is blaming now?

They tell us we can handle higher gas prices because the economy is better.  Do you feel like the economy is better?  Does it seem better at the grocery store?  Do you feel improvement when you buy clothes for your kids?  Did any of your friends lose their jobs?  What about when you go to get gas?  Do you feel the improving economy then?  Did you know that a station in Orlando, Fla., was charging $5.79 per gallon for regular unleaded?

I’ve always felt that gas prices reflect what’s happening in our economy and in our country.  I remember the gas lines in the late 1970’s. You could only fill up on certain days, depending on if your license plate ended in an odd or even number.  I turned 18 at that time and even I could see the state of the economy because of the state of the gas lines.  People were cranky and felt the pain right in their wallets.   When gas prices got high under George W. Bush there was crankiness too.

President Carter was in an election year and as I remember Ronald Reagan won every state except Georgia.  Republicans aren’t licking their chops, as the president suggested when he mentioned during a speech in Florida Thursday that he read a headline in one newspaper that “Republicans are Licking Their Chops” over rising gas prices.  “Only in politics,” he added, “do people root for bad news.”

He goes on to mention that the American people are smart enough not to fall for Republicans bumper sticker slogan (You know: “Drill, baby, drill!”)

I don’t know any people who are ‘licking their chops’ about high gas prices.  Oh, I’m sure politicians will take advantage of it and although they may not wish for bad things to happen to the American people, why shouldn’t they use the utter incompetence of the current administration to help them during this election.  If the Republicans feel the reason for the problems in the country are because of President Obama’s poor leadership, why shouldn’t they use it to their advantage.  Senator Obama sure had no problem doing the same when he was running for president.  They all need to remember that the president was right about one thing.  The American people are smart.

Now as far as gas prices and the economy, an AP story printed in The Naples News says that:

Those higher prices could hurt consumer spending and unravel some of the recent improvements in the economy. And they could also be a daily reminder to voters to question Obama’s contention that he’s making the nation — and them — more secure.

While motorists are already starting to complain, many economists see the $4-a-gallon mark as a breaking point above which the economy starts to suffer real pain. Analysts estimate that every one-cent increase is roughly a $1.4 billon drain on the economy.

I’m pretty sure it will be a drain on my economy.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the rise in gas prices will result in consumers spending more on gas and less on other things.  “You re-evaluate your life when you’re at the pump,” Anna Dieuveil, 26, of Orlando, told the Orlando Sentinel.  She said she expects to spend less money on going out to eat as she spends more money on gasoline.

According to the Huffington Post:

As any driver knows, rising gas prices can put a dent in a household budget. For small business owners, it can hurt – or even wipe out – profits.

The recent rise in the price of gas is pressuring business owners to find ways to protect their earnings. Some of their strategies are simple, such as using GPS devices to track fuel usage. Others are drastic – like moving manufacturing operations to the U.S. from Asia.

Small business owners have navigated this road before – most recently in 2008 when the price of gas rose to a national average of $4.11 a gallon. But gas is expected to surpass that record and reach $4.25 by late April. And even if the price follows its usual pattern of gradually falling back from a high reached in the spring, it will still be expensive for the rest of the year.

Look, I get the argument about green energy and alternative fuels and I don’t want to get into the same details I got into with my son tonight about the same thing.  I just want to afford gas for my car.  I can’t afford to buy a hybrid or an electric car, no matter how much the government offers me in subsidies.  I see what’s happening in the Middle East and I want us to be oil independent.  I want to drill here and when we’re not afraid of where our oil is coming from and we can afford the cost of gas, groceries and the things that matter, then we can concentrate on finding a better way.

I don’t care about my carbon footprint.  I don’t really care what humans (might) be doing to the planet.  What I care about is just being able to take care of my family.  I want my kids to have the things they need.  I want to be able to afford to send them to college.  I want to look forward to a future where I can afford to drive to wherever my grand kids are and spoil them like crazy.

Remember, high gas prices make us cranky.  They’ve always made us cranky when they get higher and higher, especially when we’re paying more for food and clothing.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to vote for someone who gets it and isn’t so dead set on his own plan that isn’t really helpful for us now anyway.  We can’t wait more than a decade for relief.

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