Bible Burning vs Koran Burning

Hmmm – Do you remember how many people were attacked in retaliation when Iran burned 6,500 Bibles last august? Oh yea, none! Nobody killed, nobody attacked… nothing!

How about the “Thank You’s” from the Muslim community when the U.S. military voluntarily destroyed hundreds of bibles that had been printed in the two most common Afghan languages and sent to the Bagram Air Base unsolicited with notes to distribute them to the locals? None that I can find, but it does look like the army got accused of doing it to cover up their own attempts to convert locals.

And it looks like when people burn the Torah, the Jewish community simply condemns the act, without the need for violent reaction.

But the US military burning a couple of Koran books that were “removed from a detainee center’s library because they had ‘extremist inscriptions’ on them and there was ‘an appearance that these documents were being used to facilitate extremist communications” leads to the death of 2 soldiers and 4 civilian, plus injuries to more than 50 people during 5 days of rioting. Is it just me, or does this seems like some severe over-reacting by people who do not seem capable of handling these types of things like adults?


Iran Burning Bibles
US Burning Bibles in Afghan Language
Torah Burning
Deaths in Retaliation for Burning the Koran

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