Tim Geithner says The Rich Need to Pay Higher Taxes for the Privilege of Being an American

Wow!  Is this guy nuts, or what?  Listen for yourself.  I know this guy is smart,  but quit the scare tactics already.  We can make cuts to things other than old people and whatever other crazy thing he said.  I’m sick, sick, sick of the Obama administration claiming that Conservatives and Republicans just want to cut things for seniors and national security.  I can think of plenty of things to cut before I even touch anything else and I would sure reform entitlements.  Come on, get a clue.  How can people believe this dreck?

Listen for yourself:

One response

  1. Because they are greedy and want things for free. How about people earning what they get.

    At large number of people receiving entitlement benefits do not need them. They have the ability to work, but want to receive benefits instead.

    Soon all the money will leave the nation, then all these losers will have to either work or do without.

    Censorship is evil.

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