The Baker’s Union Did What Michelle Obama Couldn’t

The end of an era…

So do you think that the “Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union” is regretting their unwillingness to follow the Teamsters Union’s directive of taking an 8% contract cut to save jobs?

In case you didn’t hear Hostess Brands (makers of Twinkies, Wonderbread, and so many other yummy treats), who filed bankruptcy earlier in the year and has been trying to find a way to stay in business, decided to close shop today for good after talks with the Baker’s union fell through and they decided to strike. Management decided that they couldn’t afford to continue the fight along with their other financial problems and so they announced today that they have decided to shut down all production nationwide and close up shop for good!!! 18,500 people are not out of work because the representatives for 5,000 of them weren’t willing to make the adjustments needed to keep people employed!

Now, in all honesty, if the Baker’s union had taken the same deal as the Teamsters Union, there is still a chance that Hostess Management would still not have been able to right the ship and the jobs may have been lost at some future point anyway, but we’ll never know if those jobs could have been saved or not now.

A quote in the article states that: “Unfortunately, the company’s operating and financial problems were so severe that it required steep concessions from a variety of stakeholders but not all stakeholders were willing to be constructive,” said Ken Hall, the Teamsters’ Secretary-Treasurer. “Teamster Hostess members, based on the facts and advice from respected restructuring advisers understood what was at stake and voted to protect all jobs at Hostess.”

The Baker’s Union says it isn’t their fault as Hostess was already having money problems, but if you know that and you decide you’re not willing to work with management to try and save jobs that are there and go on strike adding to the monetary issues during a time of crisis, aren’t you just as guilty for those job losses as the management is?


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